By Bill Kennedy, Darren Wershler-Henry

ISBN-10: 155022722X

ISBN-13: 9781550227222

ISBN-10: 1554907225

ISBN-13: 9781554907229

Within the culture of the phonetic poems of Hugo Ball and the "readymades" of Dada, this exploration of the character of verse straddles the road among shape and nonsense, among purpose and satisfied coincidence. An apostrophe is a poetic determine of speech within which an individual, abstraction, or entity is addressed as though it have been current; it's also the identify of a 1993 poem during which each line is an apostrophe. This venture, during which an online seek engine innovatively employs the strains of the 1993 poem as beginning issues for searches, permits the poem to extend and proceed infinitely. the quest engine is inflexible yet indiscriminant, and phrases and words that would now not another way meet collide and carom away in an unpredictable demeanour. by means of turns poignant and banal, the ensuing poems are demanding and appropriate to an international of elevated technological enter and intrusion.

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