By Joint Steering Committee for Revision of AACR

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Give a number for accompanying material last. ISBN 0-379-00550-6 (set). - ISBN 0-379-00551-4 (v. SB3. 7BI9). SB4. If a number is known to be incorrectly printed in the item, give the correct number if it can be readily ascertained and add (corrected) to it. SC. SCl. Give the key-title of a resource, if it is found on the item or is otherwise readily available, after the International Standard Serial Number (ISSN). Give the key-title even if it is identical with the title proper. If no ISSN is given, do not record the key-title.

Make notes on titles by which a bibliographic resource is commonly known or on titles borne by the resource other than the title proper if considered to be important. 7BS. 7B6. 7B7. Edition and history Formerly available as: CAS 675 Continues: Monthly Scottish news bulletin Rev. ed. 7BS. Material (or type of publication) specific details Scale of original: ca. 1:6,000 Military grid File size varies Vol. numbering irregular Numbering begins each year with no. 7B9. Publication, distribution, etc.

As a rule of thumb, the cataloguer should follow the more specific rules applying to the item being catalogued, whenever they differ from the general rules. 25. The ISBD(G) contains an area for details that are special to a particular class of material or type of pUblication. This third area is used in these rules for cartographic materials (chapter 3), music (chapter 5), electronic resources (chapter 9), continuing resources (chapter 12), and, in some circumstances, microforms (chapter 11). Do not use this area for any other materials treated in these rules.

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