By Braun L., Cohen M: Herbs and natural supplements.

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1 (1991): 93-5. Rao YK et al. Flavonoids from Andrographis viscosula. 12 (2003): 1374-6. See D, Mason S, Roshan R. Increased tumor necrosis factor alpha (TNF-alpha) and natural killer cell (NK) function using an integrative approach in late stage cancers. 2 (2002): 137-53. Shen YC, Chen CF, Chiou WF. Andrographolide prevents oxygen radical production by human neutrophils: possible mechanism(s) involved in its anti-inflammatory effect. 2 (2002): 399-406. Shukla B et al. Choleretic effect of andrographolide in rats and guinea pigs.

The daily dose of andrographolide was 48 mg, divided into three doses for 1 month. ANTIPLATELET AND ANTITHROMBOTIC ACTIVITY Andrographolide inhibits platelet-activating-factor-induced human blood platelet aggregation in a dose-dependent manner (Amroyan et al 1999). Results from in vivo studies suggest that andrographis prevents the formation of thrombi and reduces the size of myocardial ischaemia by promoting synthesis of prostaglandin I2, inhibiting production of thromboxane A2, stimulating synthesis of cyclic AMP in platelets, and inhibiting platelet aggregation (Zhao & Fang 1990, 1991).

OTHER ACTIONS Astragalus is also thought to have adaptogenic activity. It also has shown weak oestrogenic activity in vitro when compared with other Chinese herbs and controls (17-beta-estradiol) (Zhang et al 2005). This could partially explain its traditional use in menopause. CLINICAL USE As a reflection of clinical practice, astragalus is often tested in combination with other herbal medicines. As such, it is difficult from these trials to determine the role of astragalus as a stand-alone treatment.

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