By Rishi Nityabodhananda

ISBN-10: 818633680X

ISBN-13: 9788186336809

Vintage textual content through the Bihar institution.

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Overcoming cold , heat, hunger and thirst are common austerities. It is diffi cult for the ordinary person to appreciate that suffering th e se can be a joy, yet there comes a time in life when it is right to perfo rm such tapasya. The high energy state of bliss asso ciated with this and the level of happiness and content­ ment is remembered long after performance of tapasya has bee n completed. By performing tapas this chakra can be awakened so that th e new planes and dimensions of consciousness are opened up .

Newton, Galileo and many others disproved earlier hypotheses to establish their own laws, which resisted further attempts to disprove them. However, when researching into the source of everything, the subtlest of the subtle, the unmanifest and indefinable, which is immortal consciousness beyond time and beyond space, the basic attitude must be of acceptance, and when this acceptance takes place, the scientist becomes a yogi. By accepting the validity of other dimensions of consciousness beyond obj ective external reality , we can witness and experience such dimensions.

These great souls (mahatmas) were given the highest status; often they were advisers to kings and their influence on society was enormous. The work of saints was funded with the patronage of kings and thus the messages of these great souls are still available today. 31 Just as a flower has attractiveness and scent, in the same way saints have that quality of the divine, which is beautiful and attractive. It is to these advanced souls that the highest respect was given. Their advice was sought in all matters of state as well as in personal problems.

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