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Republic Ministries of Trade to the USSR Ministry of Trade as well as to their Republic Council of Ministers, and local Trade Administrations to their Republic Ministry of Trade as well as to their city council. Production enterprises and combines may be directly subordinate to a national-level (AU-Union) ministry or subordinate to a republic-level ministry which is in turn subordinate to a national-level (Union-Republic) ministry. Key: All advertising organisations are denoted by circles enclosing their names.

These three are the largest domestic advertising organisations in the Soviet Union, and they are the nearest Soviet institutions (apart from Vneshtorgreklama) to Western advertising agencies. They are all rather embryonic and unspecialised organisations, however, by Western standards. Another striking thing about them is that they are attached to internal trade ministries rather than to industry- a significant point which we shall come back to. Their internal organisation varies, but the main subdivisions broadly resemble those of Roskooptorgreklama, shown in chart 2 in the appendix to this chapter.

3 The space taken by foreign advertisers in the Soviet press appears to be not more than that taken by domestic advertisers, and Soviet domestic press advertising is a relatively small part of the Soviet total (see chapter 4). Even allowing for differences in the publications used by foreign and domestic advertisers and possible differences in the rates charged to them in the same publications, total advertising expenditure in the USSR by foreign concerns must be relatively small. The volume of advertising financed by Soviet manufacturing and service concerns must also be relatively small (chapter 4).

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