By Yogi Ramacharaka

" This booklet includes genuine, common knowledge. after we all notice the "oneness" of this universe and our interconnectedness on a truly literal point, we will be able to start to know how and WHY our thoughts/actions do have an effect on everyone/everything else, and, in flip, how that back impacts US. This society is falling aside simply because we proceed to think in our separateness. this gorgeous publication breathtakingly conveys not just how, yet why, to seem within ourselves for the sunshine (read "goodness/enlightenment/god-knowledge/energy")that is really and uniquely inside of every one people to aid us as our lives/souls spread. If our kids may possibly start, on the youngest of a long time, to boost a feeling in their personal own energy and artistic (meaning to create) power, and will understand deeply the sensation of private peace and delight at their very own accomplishments, every one could become aware of that working towards bigotry, humiliation, aggression, greed or this sort of negativity is damaging such a lot of all to the offender. The solutions are all the following. this article is brilliantly written and will look initially extra incomprehensible than it truly is. could that extra humans may perhaps learn and digest this exceptional paintings. "

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Mere we have two vital truths imparted to us-and yet the two are but different sides of the same truth. Let us consider it. The sense of separateness that causes us to feel as if we were made of different material from our fellow men and women-that makes us feel self-righteous-that makes us thank God that we are different from, and better than, other men-is error, and arises from the relative point of view. The advanced occultist knows that we are all parts of the One Life-varying only as we have unfolded so as to allow the higher parts of our nature to manifest through us.

It is beyond you; bwause when you reach it, you have lost yourself," It is always just beyond you, and when you become one with it, the old relative self has faded away, and a greater, grander YOU has replaced it. Man must lose himself to find Himself. In this sense, the great thing to be desired is beyond the to-day "vou," although it is within you-it is really Yourskf, as you will be. Can we make this plainer? The child longs for manhood-it is beyond him, and yet the child is the embryo man, and the elcnrcnts of manhood are within him, awaiting the hour of develop ment.

O II~I -. Com < The Esoteric Library LESSON 11. Mom LIGHTON THE PATH. - Before passing to the consideration of the next precept, we must again call your attention to the quotation from "LagM ota the Path'' which we had before us at the close of the last lesson, but which we were compelled to carry over to this lesson, because of tack of space. " This sentence has perplexed man3 students, in view of the fact that the teachings have impressed upon t l ~ e nthe ~ importance of living in the Now, and of looking forward to the future as the field for further development.

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