By Paul Schachter

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Not 1hc woman' The man·s selling the table. g the.. table. The man's selling the table. 'the table, not the chair' l pattnerins anof pitches is called an or, simply, a 1ls11erein1cthonatofiulonlepatranceternschofat hasTagalanoginmeani tphronatasesinogfn umaypaHer entlyThesebe descr ibed:irienditescussed rms ofbelthorweeinfetatheurores:der mentioned. lable itself. In a one·poiSylntl·apblatetserbefor n phreaseP1wimaytlohngoutbelsyloslngiglahtblvowel l y l o wer or sl i g h t l y hi g her i n pi t c h t h an P1 or t h ey may be on t h e same syllabilcevels beforas Pe1•P1Siarncec onsuchthevarsameiatiolenvelis iasnsiP1gniiltiscanlelf.

24, pattern I . I ) with a high pitch on P1 and a falling pitch contour beginning at (> 1 • In the exnmplcs, syllabics 1hat may serve as r 1 are ilalicalized. Beginning Sino iyon? ,_,___ /k3ni·nu yon/ A110 i)'Oll? ' '-... fanu yon/ In a phrase that takes a two·poirll paucrn, the placement of P 1 follows the rules already given. except in cases where following these rules would make P1 and P2 coincide, or would place r, afler P2• If. for example, r, is the nexHo-last syllable o f 1he phrase, and lhis syllable happens also to be the first long syllabic of the phrase, then P 1 must be some syllabic before the first long syllable.

And in the complete statement 1Mabuti a11g pa11alro11 11ga'yonJ 'The weather is good today', the relative levels of pitch are indicated by the intonation lines below: as -:-:-i-,_r Kung ganoon . . �. final syllable, the contour starts on the syllable after the pitch point and goes on to the end of the utterance. ' there Elements sous droits d'auteur 36 CHAPTER I is a steady fall in pitch from the first syllabic, which is P 1 of a one-point pattern, to the end of the sentence: Just as optional pitch-prominence can be given to certain syllables between P 1 and P2 - see above - so it can be given to certain syllables that are part of a pitch contour.

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