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Sales increases have averaged out at 15%. average adjuster / v(ə)rd ə d stə/ noun a person who calculates how much of a maritime insurance is to be paid by the insurer against a claim average adjustment / v(ə)rd ə d stmənt/ noun a calculation of the share of the cost of damage or loss of a ship that an insurer has to pay average cost pricing / v(ə)rd kɒst prasŋ/ noun pricing based on the average cost of producing one unit of a product average due date / v(ə)rd dju det/ noun the average date when several different payments fall due averager / vərd ə/ noun a person who buys the same share at various times and at various prices to get an average value average-sized / vərd sazd/ adjective of a similar size to most others, not very large or very small ć They are an average-sized company.

Bank loan / b ŋk ləυn/ noun a loan made by a bank to a customer, usually against the security of a property or asset ć She asked for a bank loan to start her business. Also called bank advance bank manager / b ŋk m nd ə/ noun the person in charge of a branch of a bank ć They asked their bank manager for a loan. bank mandate / b ŋk m ndet/ noun a written order to a bank, asking it to open an account and allow someone to sign cheques on behalf of the account holder, and giving specimen signatures and relevant information banknote / b ŋknəυt/ noun 1.

2 in the market, about £4m behind their rivals. í adverb ˽ the company has fallen behind with its deliveries it is late with its deliveries believe / b li v/ verb to think that something is true ć We believe he has offered to buy 25% of the shares. ć The chairman is believed to be in South America on business. belong /b lɒŋ/ verb 1. ˽ to belong to to be the property of ć The company belongs to an old American banking family. ć The patent belongs to the inventor’s son. 2. ˽ to belong with to be in the correct place with ć Those documents belong with the sales reports.

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