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5 from full open to full closed position. Figure 5-2 shows how the reflectors open up on the core and where the centerline of the reactor is. It also indicates the length of the reflectors. 40 Fixed Upper Reflector (20 cm tall) Gap Centerline Lower Reflector (42 cm tall) Figure 5-2 Reflector Movement Figure 5-3 shows the results of a series of neutron flux tallies in the pressure vessel. The pressure vessel was segmented into eight different axial pieces of equal size. The plot shows that the axial flux of the reactor is symmetric when the reflectors are closed.

However, the runs were limited calculations at room temperature. The dry sand accident case was not examined, and there was no attempt at optimizing the designs. Parametric scans showed the multiplication factor for these cases, and the results provided a starting point for the reactor dimensions. The effect of the reflector position on the reactor multiplication factor was not examined either. Unfortunately this work was not published but the results were available to the author. What this thesis will do is: • Examine the effect of the reflector on the reactor • Determine the temperature effects on the core • Optimize the primary core for the three accident scenarios • Examine alternate cores for o Reduced testing costs (Cat-III cores) o Enhanced Launch Safety (Internal Control Rod) • analyze Quality Control runs to better understand the inner workings of the reactor 27 • Look at the effects of the radiator on the Brayton cycle efficiency and system mass.

It is primarily used in the nuclear field as a neutron reflector. The oxygen component results in BeO being an extremely good scattering material as it has a very high scattering to absorption cross section ratio. In addition to being a reflector, there is an n-2n reaction in beryllium that increases neutron numbers, increasing this material’s attractiveness. BeO will be located in two different regions of the core with drastically different temperatures. In the individual fuel pins, axial reflectors of 5 cm BeO at the pin ends will be at around 1300 K.

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