By Barbara Currie

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This publication includes routines to tone and company the physique, lightly operating the muscle groups and inner organs, and conserving the backbone and joints in excellent stipulations.

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Maintain a deep Exhale ~ and even breathing pattern throughout the practice. Use retention of the breath purposefully, and link it to the overall intention of the practice. 4. Transition: Take time to make the transition from other activities into your practice. Also within the practice, make transitions smooth. For example, use kneeling postures to transition from standing postures to postures on your back or stomach. 5. Cumulative stress: Use appropriate compensation for stresses that accumulate in the neck, shoulders, hips, and knees.

Although classically the feet are together, we suggest that they remain slightly apart, vertically below the thigh bone's (femur) junction (acetabulum) with the pelvis. Ardha Uttanasana builds strength in the posterior spinal musculature. Padahastasana, Padangusthasana, and Ubhaya Padaitgu~thasana are fixed-frame postures. The leverage created when the hands hold the feet deepens the forward bend. Pascirnatanasana can also be adapted as a fixed-frame posture. Biomechanics of Movement 41 • GROUP 2 Parsvottanasana Janu Sirsasana Ardha Parsvottanasana TiryanqmukhaHarada Pascimatanasana Maricyasana Ardha Padma Pascimatanasana This group of postures includes open- and fixedframe asymmetric standing and seated forward bends.

Holding after inhale generally extends the effects of the inhalation and is therefore usually applied in positions that emphasize inhalation. Holding after exhale generally extends the effects of exhalation and is therefore usually applied in positions that emphasize exhalation. hold after inhale Adapting the Breath The breath can be adapted in a variety of ways to deepen the practice and produce different effects . Look, for example, at these different possibilities: hold after exhale 1. Creating a deep flowing inhale and exhale, with- out a fixed length or proportional ratio between them.

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